Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome to July!

The serene philosophy of the pink rose is steadying.
Its fragrant, delicate petals open fully and are ready to fall,
without regret or disillusion, after only a day in the sun.
It is so every summer.
One can almost hear their pink, fragrant murmur as they settle down upon the grass: 'Summer, summer, it will always be summer.'
~ Rachel Peden
Well, here we are, halfway through the year ... strangely, it feels both more and less than that at the same time. It doesn't seem more than a few weeks ago that I arrived here on Blogger, yet thinking about all the new experiences - the places I've been, the people I've met and the lessons I've learned - it feels like more than a year already!

But yesterday was indeed the halfway point of 2008, being the 183rd day of the year (182nd if we weren't in a leap year) with 183 days remaining.
It seems a pretty good point to stop and think about where we have been, where we are now and where we're going next. Why not take some time for yourself to dwell on things: the stories you've heard and the tales you've shared, and the narrative you weave into your life every day; the places you've been, the things you've seen, the wonderful new friendships you've made; things you've lost, things you've found; the things that have worked and those that haven't; mistakes made, lessons learned; the challenges you've faced and the dreams you've chased.
How much time this year have you spent doing the things you feel you should do rather than those you really want to do? How many times have you said Yes, when you really wanted to say No? How many times have you said No ... then wished you'd said YES!
How much time have you spent in the company of those you love? How much time have you spent have you spent enjoying your own company?
Where in your life are things working for you? What/who/where makes your heart sing?
What can you do to change the things that make you sad or worried or sick? How can you create a different perspective of the things you can't change?
Don't forget to give yourself a big pat on the back (as my wonderful Mum would say!) for all the things you've accomplished so far this year. The small things as well as the big things: the book you finished reading, or writing ... the short story or the draft or the research; the mountain you are climbing, no matter how many times you fall down; the times you have managed to collect the whole family together for a meal at the table; for sending the kids to school for a whole week with ironed uniform and matching socks; for the people you have made smile; for the stranger you helped or the friend you supported.
Sometimes just getting up and facing each new day is a huge accomplishment ... I bet if you write down all the things you deserve a cheer for this year, you'll make a long list.
Well done you! :o)
And give yourself a pat on the back for all the things you've tried too. If things haven't gone the way we hoped, or even planned, at least we're always in a better position for having learned something. It means we can try something again in a different way, or choose to try something else entirely.
It also means we have something that we can share with others, something that might help someone. Or make their day. Or even change their life ... how awesome is that!
My own musings about this year have included a huge appreciation for all the wonderful people I have met on Blogger, Twitter and Flickr, for the laughter and the lessons we have shared and for all the exciting possibilities. I have certainly stumbled a few times, fallen flat on my face more than once ... but I have got dusting myself down to a fine art now and nothing's broken! And with the support and encouragement of friends and family as well as fellow Bloggers, Tweeters and Flickr-ers(?) even falling flat on my face is never such a bad experience.
So, with many thanks to you all, I am really looking forward to July (to the rest of Summer, to the second half of the year ...)
I hope you've all had a really positive start, wishing you and yours good health, much love and laughter, many useful lessons and lots and lots of positive possibilities!