Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Do Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing

Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday (in the UK)?

Lovely sunny weather in North Yorkshire so I spent most of yesterday in the garden. It feels like Monday today. I'm always a day behind, or a day ahead ... I get very confused after a Bank Holiday!


A Little About the Moon ...

It was a New Moon yesterday, a lovely positive New Moon, as Yasmin Boland explains:

This New Moon takes place on the Angelic Point known as "Creative Genius", no less! It's most certainly a chance for anyone with creativity burning a hole in their brain to start to actually do something about it.

And Conspiracy Planet explains that the New Moon is in Taurus:

It is time to ground and assess your personal goals.

What are your core values?

What makes your heart sing?

These are great questions. Spend a little time today contemplating what makes you tick and what makes you buzz ... sounds a bit like an alarm clock!

And don't feel guilty. At all.

Share Your Song

I saw Iyanla Vanzant talking on the Oprah show many years ago. Something she said about doing what we love, about nurturing our own spirits, has really stuck with me (I'm paraphrasing):

Spending time nurturing ourselves is not a self-ish activity, it's a self-full action.

When we do the things that make our hearts sing, our beautiful song is heard by others. And beautiful songs are catching. When we feel good, we're better at making others feel good.

My very wise Mum has often reminded me:

As a Mum you should always take take care of yourself first. You can't look after the girls properly if you don't look after yourself.

Good advice. Not that I have always followed it, it's not the easiest advice to follow. It's easy to get caught up in the struggle of daily life and neglect the small, important stuff (from eating and sleeping properly to nuturing our own spirits.) It's easy to run ourselves into the ground until we have nothing left to give.

Life today is very demanding.

Why is that?

We have so many time-saving devices, our days are longer, our world smaller ... yet we seem to have less time. Less time for the small things in life, the important things in life, for the people we love, and for ourselves.

Nurture You and Yours

But it's true that our children (in fact everyone in our lives) benefit from our being healthy and fulfilled, from our being able to spend quality time with them in good spirits.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's healthy for children to see we are sometimes sad or angry, confused or frustrated, that humans are not supposed to be eternally cheerful and always in control of life.

But besides all the benefits from spending quality time with us at our best, children also learn from us how to deal with the stresses of today's fast-paced life. If they see us take time out and focus on ourselves now and then, they are more likely to do so themselves.

Whether we have children or not, as individuals we must try to remember that we are one of our most important priorities. And I know it's not easy! But spend a little time on you today. Make a promise to yourself that you will do one thing that you love every day. The people in your life will appreciate it. They will benefit from it.

Another thought from Conspiracy Planet suggests that this is supported by the New Moon in Taurus:

If you work on your own issues with the greater good in mind during this lunation you will be greatly rewarded. There is great potential for a significant collective knowing, a return to caring and generosity among people.

Don't Always Go With the Flow

Sometimes, without us even realising, the flow becomes a raging torrent and we suddenly become aware that we are struggling to keep our heads above water.

Another thought from Iyanla, quoted in Louise Hay's Everyday Positive Thinking:

If you don't make clear and conscious choices, you'll be stuck with whatever shows up.

Choose to step out of the river sometimes and chill out on the bank, just watching the world go by. Soak up some sunshine for a while. Lie among the flowers. Do whatever makes your heart sing.

Have a lovely week!



Scott said...

This was an inspirational post :) thank you for it..

aliqot said...

Hi moondreamer,

Good post - I long ago discovered I couldn't give love to anyone else unless I gave it to myself first. Not that it always works out in practice, but...

I also very much like the quote from Louise Hay.

Hope you're managing to follow your own advice too.



Moondreamer said...

Scott, thank you for visiting again and for your lovely comment!

Popped over to Man Vs Blog yesterday (am assuming you're *that* Scott)but so much to read and didn't get chance to leave a comment! Will call again today.

I'm really glad you like the post. Hope your heart is singing today!


Hi Alison,

Thank you, am glad you liked this post, I enjoyed writing it!

Took me ages to understand the "Love thyself first" philosophy, but I get it now ... don't always take my own advice, but I've spent lots of this week in the garden enjoying the sunshine. (I can catch up with housework, etc. when it rains!)

Quote quoted by Louise Hay, but originally by Iyanla Vanzant. I must read some of her stuff I only know her from the Oprah show and various quotes elsewhere. But I like what she says, she's very astute!


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