Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Blog!

Well, here it is ... my first ever blog!

(Thank you, Jae, for the verbal kick up the bum!)

So, what to write about? Recent interests include the Family in the 21st Century, teenagers and ASBOs (and the ludicrous youth justice system), blame and parental responsibility, studying as a mature student and single parent, stress management (an ongoing concern!), online dating ...

As it's the day before a first date with a very lovely man, a thought that makes me smile a lot, perhaps i should share the sunshine!

I have spent some time in the weird and wonderful world of online dating for a few years now and have been lucky enough to find some wonderful among the very weird. I have met men from almost next door and from the other end of the country. I have had fun and met some great friends, and some people on very bizarre quests! No real romance until now though, possibly because I seem to have attracted men who are emotionally unavailable, which is a whole other subject ...

But the man I am meeting tomorrow is happy in his own skin, is emotionally open and likes me just as I am. It's so refreshing to just be myself instead of feeling i have to be cool, to be able to say exactly what I'm thinking or feeling, even if it's silly. He has no game-plan, no rules for me to try and work out, we have an honest connection and he knows how to take a compliment. And how to cope with me as a whole person, not just the good bits.

When he says he is 'happy to go with the flow' he actually means it! He shares my understanding of life as a journey, an adventure to be enjoyed in itself, without fretting about past experience (although happy to learn from it) or possible destinations.

He is thoughtful, funny, honest and straightforward, intelligent (emotionally as well as intellectually), adventurous, romantic, passionate, playful and highly principled. I really like him and respect him. We have a connection on lots of levels and I know we'll have a fab afternoon together, am so looking forward to it!

I'll let you know how it goes ...

It seems strange writing something personal, am more used to writing academic stuff. I spose it's like writing to a friend, even though it might be read by total strangers! But thought I should keep it fairly short and sweet for the first time, I'll save the socio-political ranting (erm ... debate) for another day!



writerwoman said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

Moondreamer said...

Thank you! Am so glad I ventured into blogger, have met some lovely people ... all writers! :o)