Friday, December 7, 2007

(Post-Dated?) Post-Date Post

Ok another personal post ... perhaps I'll keep this as a journal for friends and family and do more academic, professional stuff on another blog.

I just realised I can do that! learning something new every day ...

And, anyway, I did say I'd let you know how things went today ... well, yesterday now, am just writing this before heading to bed, with a big smile and lovely warm thoughts of a fab time!

I have so enjoyed myself ... after a few initial nerves (for the first 5 minutes!), I felt entirely comfortable and relaxed the whole time. The company was lovely, the natural, easy conversation interesting, the manners exquisite (and he's sexy as hell!)

I am definately going again, as soon as (assuming!) he'll have me!

So, for those of you who wonder, a la (le?) Jack Jonson, where all the good people have gone, I can tell you there's one not a million miles from here ... so keep looking!

Keep smiling! :o)

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