Saturday, January 5, 2008

Resolutions ...

Well, the first blog of 2008 ... can't believe we are already five days into the new year!

And here it is in writing: My Resolution!

My one and only resolution. Not that there aren't any other changes I need to work on, but this is the most important. I have decided to focus on writing this year, to hopefully earn a reliable income from one of my most favourite things (I have a lot!), and to offer some useful information to others at the same time.

So, my resolution for 2008, here in writing, for the entire world to read:

I am going to write something on my blog ... EVERY DAY!

This will probably mean that it will sometimes be total rambling nonsense, written in the very early hours, after an already far too long day. Or while there is a houseful of rampant teenagers, with doors and phones and music and arguments as a constant background ambience. Or that it will be very short when I have a lot of other things to do.

I treated myself to a copy of Psychologies before Christmas (which I still haven't had chance to read!) and it came with a lovely red journal, and some suggestions about journalling, including a list of questions to ask yourself.

One of these questions is: What have I learnt today?

Excellent question! I am going to learn one thing every day and write about it here. Am still unsure of the direction i should take this blog (I struggle with focus and am very easily distracted, finding almost anything interesting!) but for now, I will focus on writing. If I post something about writing every day, perhaps something will prove useful to others too, which would be great ... I have come across so much genuine, generous advice for writers, from writers, and it would be lovely to share it with other people.

Other ongoing interests including the family (in general, and mine in particular!), wellbeing, and studying as a mature student, will no doubt creep in from time to time. That's the wonderful thing about writing as a passion ... it's a way of exploring and expressing all other passions!

I am starting a website for mature students, and would welcome any comments, by the way!

So, i hope all who read this have had a lovely Christmas and a fab start to the new year! I wish you all well with your own resolutions. If they have anything to do with writing, I hope this helps for a start:

I found a wonderful website yesterday, with so much useful info that I haven't had chance to read it all properly, but have a look for yourself and see what you think.


SallyQ said...

Hi Moondreamer! Thank you for the lovely email (yes, your link worked for me), and for linking to my website. You can find my blog by following the link on this message and I'll put a link back to yours. I'm always happy to link back to other bloggers interested in writing. We're all in this together!

I hope you carry on enjoying my website. I try to make it informative about writing and not just about me.

Good luck with the writing!

writerwoman said...

You are welcome to join us at Brand New Aspiring Writers at Yahoo Groups

or just read our blog
Fallen Words

Our goal is to give each other support as we go from unpublished to published writers.

Best of luck to you with your writing,


Moondreamer said...

Thank you Sally, I have taken your advice and you're right, everyone is lovely ! :O)

Sara, I have read Fallen Words, it's great! Thank you! And I would love to join Brand New Aspiring Writers.

I hope you've had a fab start to the new year, wishing you well with your writing! :o)