Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just a quick note ...

Today sprang clear and sunny from a very stormy night ... not that I'm complaining about last night's weather, I love being all snuggled up in bed and listening to a storm raging outside!

Spring is almost here, soon trees will unfurl new leaves, gassy banks will be smothered in daffodils, hare's will frolic ... and youngest daughter and I will spend a couple of weekends up to our knees and elbows in the lambing season (eldest daughter is 'allergic' to mud and too worried about her nails!)

The birds are starting to pair up. I watched a lady blackbird sitting in a tree for ages last week, all puffed up and pleased with the entourage gathering in the surrounding bushes.

I love Spring! I love all the seasons really, my favourite is whichever we are in at the moment ... we are so lucky. (I do worry a bit that the seasons seem to be merging though!)

Anyway, just a quick post to tell you about a meme I have posted on my Student Mum blog, from the lovely Casdok (thank you!) I posted it there because I wrote it from the perspective of a mum of teenage girls. But it would be interesting, as always to see things from writers' perspectives. It's 5 Household Maintenance Tips and if anyone wants to try it, consider yourself tagged!

Casdok's tips are fantastic, you can find her Mother of Shrek blog in my links if you want to check them out. And Chris's tips in Casdok's comments made me laugh out loud!



Annieye said...

I love reading Casdok's blog too, and Mother X. They are such fantastic mothers.

Autumn is my favourite season, but it's lovely to watch the birds get ready for Spring, as you say.

Moondreamer said...

Yes Annieye, they both have fab blogs ... which I found through yours, thank you!

Autumn is beautiful, the colours, the sounds and smells, the 'smokiness' of early morning on a sunny day ... I can't choose a favourite! My parents went to New England one Autumn and brought back some stunning pictures of 'the Fall', would love to go and see for myself one day.