Monday, January 7, 2008

Libraries are dangerous places!

What have I learnt today?

That going to the library when you are trying to declutter the house is a very bad idea!

I took 5 books back, 2 of which I had finished with, and 3 of which I hadn't had time to read and had finally admitted defeat, having already renewed them numerous times ... then came home with another 11! Mostly books about spirituality, that section is always my downfall in libraries, and in bookshops. (Although the truth is I can get carried away in most sections!)

One of the eleven is The Barefoot Doctor's Manifesto, having reminded myself of how much I love it in last night's post (or rather, this morning's!) I really must get my own copy. I have read it twice all the way through, straight through! And it's lovely for just dipping into as well, full of warmth, wonderful affirmations and offbeat humour. It always makes me smile to think of dancing with the Universal Dinner Lady!

When I first picked it up today, this is the page it fell open at:

To manifest what you want
you have to first have a clear picture of what it is
and you can't have that if your mind is full of interference.
That is perfect for my recent inclination for letting go and fresh starts! I totally agree with the philosophy that an untidy environment creates an untidy mind, hence all the decluttering. I know what it is I want to achieve, and I know intention must be focussed and determined to manifest reality.
I have almost finished the whole house now (yay! just in time for tomorrow's new moon!)
I just have the last of my writing "stuff" composed mostly of ring binder files and cardboard wallets (affectionately know as the "Inspiration Files") stuffed full of scraps of paper of all kinds, far too many of which I haven't even read properly yet. That is my plan for this evening, to curl up in front of the fire and look through it all, sorting it into useful categories. Am really looking forward to it (but equally excited about the pile of library books, I must be careful not to get distracted!) ... to the process itself and to the results.
Tomorrow, I will be all set for my writerly fresh start! The first task will be to write down my New Moon wishes ... another form of intention. It's always good to write goals down as it makes them more concrete.
It's a good idea to try and make goals SMART too ... more about that when I have time!
If I have time later, I'll post another blog about decluttering and feng shui specifically for writing, but meanwhile I have added some links to favourite websites for writers, I hope they prove useful.


CTaylor said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and making my day with your comment. I've spent all day stressing about agents and novels and whatnot and your comment made me smile (and temporarily forget). :o)

Moondreamer said...

Glad it made you smile, Cally! And thank you for your lovely comment, which made me smile too!

Warm wishes and best of luck with all the agent/novels/whatnot stuff! :o)