Monday, January 7, 2008

Note to Self ...


(Repeat as often as necessary!)

Thank you, again, Sally ... and a loud 'See! That's what I've been telling you!' from Lucy!

The decluttering continues (well, not at this very minute, am writing this then heading for bed!) I have got as far as sorting the very large piles into much smaller ones, neatly stacked on the two kitchen tables ... now i just have to do something with them before they reintegrate and redistribute themselves all over the house!

Clearing and cleaning is always a prelude for a little feng shui in this house, so now I know what I can write about on tomorrow's post ... or todays!

I really am a writer! :o)

And am not bad at DIY either (after a fashion!) having fixed Kat's bed, using some old wardrobe doors, this evening. A story for another post, perhaps ... how to mend a bed with no tools whatsoever!

Happy Dreams x


SallyQ said...

Then my work here is done ;-)

It's nice to see a picture of you. Your life sounds very full and interesting, which should give you loads to write about.

Moondreamer said...

Your blog has given me lots more interesting paths to travel! I have been enjoying investigating your links this evening, Sally, which has been a lovely distraction, I haven't finished sorting out my chaotic writing space ... i think that, like me, it will probably remain a work in progress! :o)

writerwoman said...

You can add your name to this listing if you want:

It contains links to blogs of different types of writers.

Leigh said...

But have you actually managed to throw any of the piles away yet? That's the rub!!

Moondreamer said...

No Leigh, I never seem to get that far!

Everything else I can be ruthless with, but not words. The plan is to go through it all with a fine tooth comb though and evict anything I really don't need ...

(Yeah, right! am convinced almost every scrap will be incredibly useful one day!)

But they've stayed tidy so far ...