Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Angels in Disguise

I got a gorgeous page-a-day calendar in my Christmas stocking this year, with everyday thoughts about angels.

January the 9th:

A surgeon's hand, a friend's note, and a mentor's pat on the back are all angels in the guise of the ordinary - carrying us like a thousand lifting wings.

I think added to this list should be a fellow blogger's comment!

Thinking back to the page for January the 6th:

Earth angels exist, but they don't wear tunics or wings. earth angels are real, but they don't sing in choirs or fly. Earth angels are here - look! One just passed by!

Thank you to all the lovely angels out there, lending each other your wings when you stumble, singing each other's praises, passing by with a smile, a hug or a cheer! :o)

This could be a whole other blog ... hmmm, I have already discovered how very addictive blogging is, have set up another two blogs today, really must get a grip and FOCUS!!! But still ...

Angels in the guise of the ordinary:

The ladies in my local library who give me complimetary cups of coffee.

The lecturers at uni who were willing to share precious time and hard-earned experience.

The neighbour who offers you a lift home with too many bags of shopping.

The boss who goes out of their way to tell you what a good job you're doing.

The young lad who offers his seat on the bus to a heavily pregnant woman.

Etc.! :o)



I've just noticed on your profile that you live in Scarborough, my home town!!! They say it's a small world. I grew up there and have lots of memories of the place. In fact I was there last weekend, dropping my mum home after Christmas!

Lovely blog, by the way:)

Moondreamer said...

It is certainly a small world, Karen!

I'm not from here originally but have been here almost 20 years now, we are so blessed with stunning coastline on one side and gorgeous countryside on the other ... excellent place to bring up children, though I often miss the culture and diversity of city life. Mind you, York is very near and one of my favourite cities!

Thank you for the lovely compliment! :o)

HelenMH said...

I love the idea of 'lending each other your wings when you stumble'. What a lovely thought, and an apt description of the blogging community.

Moondreamer said...

Thank you, Helen!

Yes, the blogging community are amazing! It's so lovely to read all the supportive comments on everyone's blogs, you obviously all share each other's ups and downs, as well as useful and interesting info, I think you're all lovely!