Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wow! Where did this come from ...

I turned the computer on earlier, meaning to start a post while tea cooked. I went to make a coffee, turned my back for just a moment and came back to this! Written by eldest daughter ... she would probably beat me hands down at the typing speed test! (But I think it might be cheating to miss out punctuation!)

I thought it might make you smile. It almost made me cry (such a woose!) and made Lucy laugh. I don't think she wrote it intending to post it (we all leave each other little love notes, all over the house!) but I asked her if she minded and she said not at all.

I did start to add punctuation, and correct the grammar, but decided I should leave it as it is. It reminds me a bit of Russel Hoban's Riddley Walker (fab book!)

yo yo yo it's eldest daughter here you prob heard lots about me but i am really ok though now .. i have settled down and that things are ok now and if it wernt for my mum i wouldnt be like i am now she's the best you could think of to have i love her to bits and she is always there for us and nothing would get in the way of our bril relationship ever not even lucy who loves my mum too but to me she is so annoying because she is like my big sister but she is ok really i do really love her too and my little sisiter they are all ace and have all helpd me through my problems i couldnt have done it with out them really i couldnt xxxxxxxx luv ya mum lots like jelly tots x

For an idea of how different our relationship was a couple of years ago, check out the 'Consultant or Manager' post on Student Mum. I always let the girls read a post if I have mentioned them, and having read that post yesterday, eldest daughter wrote the message above. And she loves a short story I am working on, inspired by our experiences!

Am going to write a post on here of my own now! But in case I don't finish it tonight, I just wanted to say:

I hope anyone who's going to the writerly gathering tomorrow has a totally fab time!

(I know you will!)

Wish I could be there! (Please can we do it again soon?)



Pacha said...

talking of stream of consciousness. Love it! (I would have cried too)

Moondreamer said...

Yes, it made me think of Penelope! Is that right? Mum's got my copy (she has had it for years, i don't think she's finished it yet!) I think that's the last chapter of Ulysses, by Molly ... it's only like two sentences or something!)?

Hope everything went well, yesterday, honey! :o)