Thursday, January 31, 2008

Red Trees For You x

I was stopped in my tracks by a row of three of these amazing red trees on my way to the dentist today. I have no idea what they are, but they're beautiful, a perfect splash of colour on a grey day.

I wanted to share them with you, so (after oohing and ahhing for a while in awe of their feelgood factor), I took some pictures with my phone.

Have spent ages figuring out how to upload this onto the computer and then how to add to my blog (yay! a big pat on the back for me, technology really isn't my strongpoint!)

So I'm not sure I have truly captured the impact. (But if you sit on the floor and look upwards at the screen, it looks better.)

Next mission: learning how to edit photos. I did try, I clicked a bit on this and a bit on that, but it just made it look worse.

Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun now! And a question in a recent meme about writing in response to a picture made me realise what a great idea that is to combat writer's block. No stopping me now...

Well, except for tea needing to be dished up ...


Gonna be a writer said...

Great picture moondreamer

Lane said...

That's a lovely photo. With the fence, it looks Japanese.

Beautiful to see a splash of colour in this grey old weather:-)

Moondreamer said...

Thank you, both!

I am so excited that I can put pictures up now.

Yes, you're right Lane, I hadn't thought about it, but it is very Japanese.

I still can't get over how jaw-droppingly vivid the colour was!



It does look like a Japanese Maple (we have one on our driveway) but they normally only look this colour in October/November, so I'm confused!

Moondreamer said...

It does look very Maple-like from a distance, Karen, but the colour is provided by berries, rather than leaves. (I have included a picture of them on the next post.)

Still not entirely sure what they are, have spent most of the morning having fun trying to find out!

Sorry for the squashed text. It wouldn't allow my spacing on this post last night but let me change it this morning. Now it's doing the same thing to the next post!