Monday, March 3, 2008

Bzzzzzz! (Thank you, Sally!)

I was given this lovely award by the lovely SallyQ, who is one of the busiest bees I know!

Thank you Sally, you started my week with a big smile ... and something to live up to!

I have a confession, though: I'm no longer studying (or not officially, I'm always studying something) because I've finished my Masters (got a distinction!)

Was feeling totally bereft ... until I started blogging!

Next study mission: a PhD. (When I finish paying for my Masters!)

I pass this award on to Annieye, Maddie Moon and Lane, whose busy bee-ness I find inspiring!



Lane said...

A distinction! Well done you clever thing you:-)

Thank you for the busy award. I'm all a buzz today:-)

KAREN said...

That's great news - well done! You deserve that award :o)

Maddie Moon said...

Moondreamer, that's amazing! Well done you for all your hard work.

Thanks you so much for the award, it is very gratefully received.

Moondreamer said...

Lane, thank you! I guess we always do well at the things we love!

You're very welcome to the award, very much-deserved!


Karen, thank you, what a lovely thing to say!

Busy is the happiest way to be!


Maddie, thank you, I'm still amazed!

It was certainly very hard work (I ended the second year on my knees, quite literally!) but I adored every minute of it and would start it all again tomorrow.

You are very welcome to the award, you totally deserve it ... even if today was busy in a different way to usual! ;o)