Saturday, March 29, 2008

Regaining Momentum ...

Just a quick post, to catch up, to tell you all about a few changes and to share some pics ...

We went to stay with my Mum and Dad this week, at their lovely cottage in the very beautiful Derbyshire countryside. So I haven't been online or done any writing all week (but I have managed to catch up with some much-needed reading) and having spent a couple of days settling back in here (catching up with the post and washing mountains, etc.) am now back to square one with email and RSS feeds!

So this weekend will be mostly spent doing 'writing housekeeping' and I will hopefully have regained momentum to start the new month focused and heading towards my very first article submission.

I'll post my next moon post, the first in a series about women and the moon, on April the 6th (next Sunday) as the New Moon seems the perfect place to start and the next new moon will be then.

I'll try and keep up with other posts on here, but am going to focus for a while on a new blog, The Freelance Writing Learning Curve (explanation for such madness in the first post on there!) while I work towards my goal for April, to submit four articles for publication.

You can also catch up with me on Life is a Learning Curve (new post about eating dragons) and Student Mum (latest post about parenting spirited children, a bit of a cheat as it's one of my Helium articles) if things are a little quiet on here!

While in Derbyshire, we took some photographs ...

Three gorgeous girls!

Mum, her lovely puppy, Truffle and a very windswept me!
This next one is not from Derbyshire, it was taken by Eldest Daughter at Peasholm Park in Scarborough ...

I didn't know you could get swans in black!

And just for fun, Mrs. Tizzywinkle and some crazy sleeping positions ...

As youngest daughter changed position, so did Tizzy ...

And she actually went back to sleep like that!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
PS. For some truly gorgeous portrait photography, check out Tina L. Miller's blog, The Buzz!


KAREN said...

Oh, Peasholm Park! How lovely. Very fond memories of that place, so thank you for posting the picture :o)
Have a lovely weekend. I'm going to pop over to your Learning Curve blog now...

HelenMH said...

You sound full of energy. Good luck with all that!

Lane said...

Your girls really are gorgeous! Love the sleeping pics:-)

Looking forward to your next posts and will have a look at Learning Curve. Take care:-)

aliqot said...

Lovely pics - Yes, I remember Peasholm Park - very close to where Harry used to live (Holly Walk - not the posh bit).

Whereabouts in Derbyshire then? Most of my family come from there since way back when.

Sounds as though you had a great time.

Moondreamer said...

Karen, you're welcome, it's lovely to know the photograph triggered such fond memories!

I don't get to Peasholm very often as I live just outside Scarborough, on the opposite side, near Seamer. But next time I do, I'll take some more pics for you!

And maybe I should take advantage of the stunning scenery round here and collect some pictures of the joys of Scarborough.


Thank you, Helen! Yes, lots of energy but in need of more time and a little luck!


Thank you, Lane! I passed on your lovely comment to the girls, which made them grin!

I'm really enjoying this whole learning curve thing ...just wish there were another 10 hours in the day!


Ali - "not the posh bit" LOL! I used to live on the Edgehill Estate, notoriously the worst place to live in Scarborough ... it was also one of the most interesting places I have lived. (I don't think anywhere will ever beat Brixton!)

My family are all from Yorkshire (recently) but my parents now live in a small village called Bolehill, near a bigger village called Wirkswirth. I have no idea where it is really, they meet me off the train (usually at Chesterfield) and then I get out of the car at the other end!