Friday, February 15, 2008

Creating a Life List

I started this morning by re-reading Karl Moore's inspiring post: What's On Your Life List?

(For anyone who missed it, my post on Three Gorgeous Guys has more about the lovely Karl and his associates. It really is worth trying out their Motivator software. And for a feelgood boost, have a look at Karl's Positive Thinking post from yesterday.)

Karl writes about John Goddard, from USA Studies Weekly and Chicken Soup for the Soul, who wrote his exceptional Life List of 127 items when he was just 15 years old. He is now 74 and has achieved 109 of these goals!

Very inspiring. So, I did a little more research and found some more on Life Lists:

WebMD's The Healthy Aging Guide has a useful article by Dulce Zamora, on how to make a Life List without setting yourself up for disappointment. Zamora suggests we choose goals that are realistic, attainable and SMART when drawing up a Life List.
SMART is a useful acronym to use when setting any goals. If goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable (or Accountable), Relevant and Timely, they stand a good chance of being attained. The acronym SMARTER is now often used too, including Exciting and Recorded. However, there is no clear consensus on the meaning of the letters, use whichever is best in your own evaluation.

You can create your own Life List on Superviva: Share it with others; check out some Ideas; chat on the Forums; read the Inspiration section; try the Tips for Success; have a look at various Articles, a Blog and further Links.

43 Things is a similar Life List sharing site worth checking out.

For more about John Goddard and Life Lists, have a look at the excellent Goals2Go blog, particularly the post for September 24th, 2007: The Biggest "To Do" List in the World.

More good stuff on Goals2Go:
Why Specific Goals Always Win

Do You Have a Life List? If No. Read This Post, by Stephanie Roberts, on her beautiful Cool People I Know blog.

Need a little more inspiration? Read this fab Life List, inspired by John Goddard's list, and compiled by a seven-year-old boy!

Well, having read lots about Life Lists, I decided to create my own. I thought I'd get stuck after the first one or two goals, but managed to cover a sheet of A4 paper in ideas. Pretty quickly, once I got going.

Here are the first ten:

Design and build my own eco-friendly home in a stunning location

(Had more of a barn conversion in mind, but fell in love with this picture!)


Write a book (or a few)


Stand beneath a waterfall ...


...with him!

(Couldn't resist!)


I have lots of goals involving horses

To own my own, take Youngest Daughter to Badminton, Eldest Daughter to see the Lipizzaner Stallions, to work on a ranch rounding up wild horses, to ride through every county in England)


To swim with whales. Or Sharks. Or dolphins.


Have a conversation with the Dalai Lama


Watch the Northern Lights


Learn how to play the cello


Write an amazing PhD


Learn how to climb


Karl Moore suggests that writing a Life List 'could add a little extra zest. Inject a little needed enthusiasm.' Certainly, it's been fun to do and I have known for a while that writing things down in black and white helps me to focus and keeps me on track when it comes to goals.

I'm going to write up the rest of it (I suspect this will be an ongoing process of adding and deleting things as life changes) and I'm really looking forward to my first adventure!

It doesn't take long and can make a huge difference.

Try it for yourselves. Have fun!


All pictures courtesy of Photobucket.

What a superb resource ... thanks again to the wonderful Casdok for introducing me to it! x


aliqot said...

Great list so far, moondreamer.
Northern Lights, I've seen - right here in the Midlands in 1990/91, I think. Thanks for reminding me.
Have seen whales, but not swum with them. Fabulous creatures.
Climbing - did a tiny bit and loved it. I go for the heights not the depths - caving doesn't appeal.
Eco-homes? There's an interesting one in Wales - I'll post a link when I find it - must be on my PC somewhere.

HelenMH said...

Love the seven year old boy's list - and yours is pretty fab too!

Moondreamer said...

Thanks, aliqot!

Let me know when you post that link, I love all things eco-homely.

I'm like you, not attracted to caving all, but think climbing must be wonderful ... great lost-in-the-moment exercise, and stunning views as a reward.

I've always loved whales. Now really interested in sharks too, having met someone last year who studies them.

You saw the Northern Lights? Awesome! And how amazing that you saw them here!


Thank you, Helen!

I had fun doing it ... and the research. I loved the young boy's list too, especially:

"Never get an ear infection until I'm 10."

"Make something that goes in public."

"Rescue somebody on a real mission."

He sounds wonderful!


aliqot said...

Yhis was the website - I saw it mentioned early in 2007

I haven't been there myself.


As for the Northern Lights, my partner spent half his time awake all night sky-watching as a teenager, and rarely misses things like this. The times we saw them were remarkable, though I'm sure they're more spectacular in Canada and Scandinavia. Didn't have the digital camera then of course...