Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Huge "Thank You" and Warm Fuzzies to Karen!

I've been buried in research about flowers since the post I wrote about Floriology, or the language and meaning of flowers ... surfacing late last night to discover this fab award from Karen:

Karen, thank you so much, it really made my day!
And your comment really touched me, what a lovely thing to say: "I'm going to pass it on to Moondreamer for her impressively long (and interesting) posts." You really made me smile, because I sometimes worry my posts are just too blooming long! (see below)
Now to pass it on ... passing awards on is just as lovely as getting them, but I always find it hard to choose from all the fab blogs on here. (A big Mwah to all of you!)
I pass this one on to:
Sarah Dunnakey, at The Write Words, for her interesting, poetic and humourous blogging.
Aliqot, for her wonderful, thoughtful and often visually stunning alithoughts, and her lovely, much-appreciated, 'grumpy' rationalism!
Casdok, for her Mother of Shrek blog: consistently amazing posts and fantastic insight into autism. (Comments on her blog often make for deep and meaningful conversation too.)
Pacha, to say "Welcome back, honey!" I missed her warm and entertaining blogging.
Lisa, because she deserves an award and a huge hug for her wonderful honesty and her amazing, inspiring sense of humour under rotten circumstances. (Sending good thoughts, Lisa!)
If you haven't already, check out the very funny first post on Karen's new blog, That's Life!


Casdok said...

Oh thank you! And a Mwah to you to!!

aliqot said...

Thank you, moondreamer- for the award and the 'rave review';-)

Now, I really must find some people to pass this on to!

hesitant scribe said...

Thank you soooo much! And er... Mwah back atcha :)

Sarah Dunnakey said...

Thank you Moondreamer that's lovely - makes me want to Mwah! everyone!

Pacha said...

Mwah Mwah (italian style) to you! THANK YOU...Oh! Now this has made me even happier!

I love the award!

KAREN said...

Thank you for that, moondreamer :o)

SallyQ said...

Another award for you over at my place, Moondreamer.

Moondreamer said...

You're all so welcome! I love giving awards, such a feelgood thing to do.

Keep up the good work!


Karen, thank YOU! Such a warm and fuzzy award, it really makes me smile.


Sally, thank you! I'll hop over to yours and pick it up now.