Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Feelgood Collection Part One: Three Gorgeous Guys and the Ultimate Motivator

I've decided that my feelgood list is getting too long!

So am going to split it up a little.

Here is Part One:

Three Gorgeous Guys

I can't say enough good things about these guys ...

Karl Moore, Bradley Thompson and Dr. Michael Masterman (who describes Karl and Bradley as "perhaps the most spiritually advanced individuals you're ever likely to stumble across") are simply amazing, individually and as a team.

All three are very successful in their field, incredibly inspirational and awe-inspiring in their generosity of spirit.

I list them simply in the order in which I stumbled across them.

Karl Moore

Reading Karl's inspirational blog is one of my favourite daily rituals. It makes me smile. It makes me think. Every day. Sign up to receive it direct to your email inbox and start your day with a feelgood boost.

Past posts include:

Who Are You?

Falling In Love With Yourself

Discovering Taijitu

What's On Your Life List?

Say Yes More!

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Listen to his online interviews at Writers FM (previous guests include: Edwina Currie; Syd Field; Lucinda Hawksley; Bernard Cornwell, Nick Daws, Joe Vitale)

Catch him at SelfDev Radio too.

Karl is also a founder of the wonderful online community at My Writers' Circle

Bradley Thompson

Bradley Thompson at Self Help Street is a man of his word. And a man who knows a lot about self-growth. So when he tells you he will give you "$4000 in FREE self-growth goodies" for signing up to his newsletter, you can trust him.

I promise you will be amazed at the good stuff he has for you, including Karl Moore's fab screensaver of inspirational quotes, Mind-Mapping software, various e-books (for example, The Emotional Freedom Technique, Holistic Healing Secrets, 47 Secret Herbal Recipes), audio and video interviews, and much more.

It really is all free. It's also hassle-free and problem-free. I promise you can download them safely and easily, I already have most of them.

My most favourite is the Motivator Software, developed by Bradley with Karl and Michael Masterman, a world-leading accelerated learning and mind control expert.

Dr. Michael Masterman

Author of The Cheat's Guide to Instant Genius and Speed Reading Secrets Michael is a world-leading accelerated learning and mind control expert.

Check out his article in Mind Power News: How to Unleash Your Inner Genius.

(Mind Power News looks like it will be worth further investigation. I haven't had chance to sign up and receive the three free mind power tools, but am sure it will be a positive move. Plus there are some fascinating articles, free gifts and a must-read blog.)

The Motivator

(You will get this free if you sign up to Bradley Thompson's Newsletter.)


It was designed by Karl, Bradley and Michael as a highly effective motivational tool for themselves.

It loads easily and then runs quietly in the background, programmed by you (with no trouble at all, honestly!) to deliver a brief message in the form of a little pop-up like you see when a friend logs onto Messenger.

You can decide what the messages say, how often they pop up, and in what order. You can change things like font and transparency too. All very easily.

I love love love it! I downloaded it yesterday, and it has made me smile every fifteen minutes I have spent on the computer today.

OK, so it's not really intended just to make you smile! As Michael explains, it's a useful tool for things like giving up smoking, for getting inside "the zone" and staying at peak performance, for reducing stress and regulating deep breathing, for eliminating bad habits and encouraging good ones, including self-esteem.

My Messages

(Some of which were already on Motivator, some of which I adapted and some of which are my own)

Take 5 slow deep breaths


I feel great!

I appreciate Life

I love my life!

Smile, Gorgeous!

I am a goddess ...

I have excellent posture

Sit up straight, girl!

Write something special

I am a writer (yay!)

I CAN do this

I love this!

Have a break, honey x

(And one from youngest daughter: Love you Mummy up to the moon and back x)

It has certainly made me feel motivated, and it's had a positive effect on my posture as well as my state of mind!

I really can't recommend it strongly enough.

Just try it!


I wanted to post this yesterday, but couldn't until I'd fixed a problem with Motivator! (Or rather with Vista!) Don't panic if Motivator won't open the first time you restart your computer after downloading it.

I admit, I did! I was devastated, in fact. Not only because I had already fallen in love with my new toy, but because I had written this post and was very excited about sharing it with you. I obviously couldn't recommend (let alone totally rave about) a product that didn't work.

I sent an email to HelpHub, the Motivator support site and received a lovely email in response (less than 24 hours later) with a link to a video. Three little clicks later and it was sorted.

So now I can also highly recommend the support service for Motivator as fast, pleasant, and effective!




What a lovely little morale-booster! Believe me, I need all the motivational help I can get :o)

HelenMH said...

I love the idea of my computer teling me to smile - and to sit up straight!

Moondreamer said...

Me too, Karen!

The Motivator really is worth trying, if you get chance!


It really keeps me smiling, Helen!

Try it for yourself, you can make it say anything you want it to. I'm having lots of fun imagining up new messages!