Friday, February 1, 2008


I haven't actually posted 31 posts in January, as I said I had on my last post!

Ooops, sorry to mislead! I had been unintentionally including draft posts, ie. not actually posted posts (yes, I know!) ...

But I have posted 26 times (not including this one) since the 5th, so am still within my at-least-one-a-day intention, I think ... just!

Huge thanks and big hugs to aliqot and Sally for the information on how to put a link into text like this ... I love it! x x


Lane said...

26 very lovely posts!

May there be many more:-)

And well done on mastering the fine art of embedding a link!

Moondreamer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a very lovely comment Lane x many more is definitely my intention ...

I have so enjoyed the past month (or almost a month! though it feels like I've been here ages) I have met some lovely new friends, learned a whole heap of interesting and useful stuff, and some new skills (mostly from lovely new friends), and in general, had a thoroughly fab time!


aliqot said...

I'll second what lane has said.
You're turning into one part of my addict's internet fix.

Oh and thanks for looking at my freewebs site too, much appreciated.

Annieye said...

I love reading your blogs, moondreamer - really interesting stuff. On the Rowan trees we used to have a huge one in our garden, but it inexplicably died off about three years ago. Our elderly neighbours said it had been planted just after the house was built in 1958. When my husband felled it, the trunk was rotten in the centre. It was such a shame and I really miss its colourful berries in the autumn.

Moondreamer said...

Thank you, aliqot, what a lovely compliment!

Your website is great, I'm going to do an (embedded!) link to it.


Moondreamer said...

Thank you, Annieye, I'm glad you find it interesting!

Such a shame about your beautiful tree. Am guessing, if your Rowan had berries in Winter, that those I saw are probably not Rowans at all.

But it was fun to learn a bit about them anyway!