Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Thank You" in the Language of Flowers

A Delicious Floral Trail
I was doing something on the computer earlier, I can't remember what it was exactly now, because I was well and truly distracted by a site describing the meanings of different flowers. This led me off track, on a wonderful journey into the world of flowers, collecting lots of information I'll use for a separate post (or probably more than one!)
Saying It With Flowers
But it made me think about how its not only individual flowers that have meanings. Bouquets can have different meanings too. We give bunches of flowers to say: Congratulations or Commiserations; Well Done; I Love You or Please Be Mine; Regrets, Sympathy or I'm Sorry; Welcome or Goodbye; Bon Voyage; I'll Miss you; Thank You: Get Well; Happy Birthday, etc.
This 'bouquet' of flowers is from me to you, to say a big "I Appreciate You!"
And these are the flowers I would choose for you, based on their meanings:


Meaning: Inspiration

Because: I am inspired by you all, in some way, every day.

Random Facts and Fictions: Also known as Wild Archangel, angelica is "a very good tonic herb, and is said to strengthen the heart. Externally it is used as a gargle for sore throats and mouths, or as a poultice for broken bones, swellings, itching and rheumatism."

Bell Flower (small white)

Meaning: Gratitude

Because: I am grateful for you. And grateful to you.

Random Facts and Fictions: The calendula is "a member of the marigold family, and was traditionally valued as an herb," for healing, or to season food. "Calendula is the most sacred flower of ancient India. The calendula's genus name, wor calendae, means throughout the months. Like sunflowers, Calendula's flower heads follows the sun."


Meaning: Never Forget

Because: I will never forget the way I was welcomed into the blogging community.

Random Facts and Fictions: The scientific name dianthus "roughly translates to "flower of love" or "flower of the gods", depending on the source. One of the world's oldest cultivated flowers, the carnation's history dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Christians believe that the first carnation bloomed on earth when Mary wept for Jesus as he carried his cross."


Meaning: Great Friend

Because: You have such open hearts and open minds.

Random Facts and Fictions: Feng Shui adherents believe "the chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness to your home. The chrysanthemum flower has been known since before 5000 BC in a small yellow form. " "Ancient China and Japan both have tales explaining how the chyrsanthemum originated."


Meaning: "The sun shines when I'm with you."

Because: It does!

Random Facts and Fictions: "Daffodils originated in south west Europe. There are over 25,000 varieties of daffodils. In New York, nearly 2,500,000 daffodils are grown each year. Prince Charles, is annually given one daffodil to act as a form of rent for land on the Isles of Scilly. Daffodil bulbs contain a substance called galanthine, which has medicinal properties. In fact, it’s sometimes used in treatments for Alzheimer’s."


Meaning: True Friendship

Because: You are all so supportive and encouraging of each other.

Random Facts and Fictions: "The word Geranium comes from the Greek geranos meaning "crane". The Wild Geranium rhizome is rich in tannin and was used by early American settlers to tan hides. A tea of Wild Geranium flowers is an effective counter to many love spells. A bit of the root can be carried as an amulet to attract happiness and prosperity. Infusions may be made of any part of the plant for internal treatment. It is also antiseptic and may be applied externally."

Pink Rose

Meaning: "To my friend; Happiness"

Because: Happiness is my greatest wish for you.

Random Facts and Fictions: "The crusaders returned with rose plants which were cultivated by monks in monastery gardens, and used to cure all kinds of ailments. Until the early 19th century dried rose petals were believed to have mysterious powers." "Napoleon gave his officers bags of rose petals to boil in white wine, to cure lead poisoning from bullet wounds."


Meaning: "I adore you; Proud to know you"

Because: I do and I am!

Random Facts and Fictions: "Sunflower stems were used to fill lifejackets before the advent of modern materials. The sunflower is grown for the seeds and oil it produces.Each mature flower yields 40% of its weight as oil. The flower was cultivated by North American Indians as a food crop."


Meaning: Innocence (I didn't choose this one because of its meaning, but because I love it)

Because: It's my favourite. And it's Beautiful. Like you.

Random Facts and Fictions: "Beautiful gold hairpins, each ending in a daisy-like ornament were found when the Minoan palace on the Island of Crete was excavated. They are believed to be more than 4000 years old. Egyptian ceramics are also decorated with daisies. This flower’s English name was Day's Eye, referring to the way this flower opens and closes with the sun. There is an old English saying that spring has not come until you can set your foot on twelve daises."

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I've just looked up Dahlias - my mum's favourite flower - which means dignity and elegance. Very appropriate actually! I don't think they flower until later in the year, so not appropriate for Mother's Day unfortunately.

Lane said...

What a lovely post. I always learn something and come away smiling from your blog.
I would give yellow lilies back to you. They say 'Thank you':-)

HelenMH said...

What amazing things you know about!

KAREN said...

An award for you at mine!

Moondreamer said...

Karen, that's lovely!

Dahlias are beautiful, so many different types and colours.

A shame they're not appropriate for Mother's Day, but an unexpected bunch of flowers is always a special surprise.


Lane, thank you, what a lovely thing to say. I'm glad I make you smile ... that makes me smile!

Thank you for the beautiful lilies too!


Helen, not really, I'm just an information junkie ... I have an insatiable curiosity for random stuff!

I love the fact that we can learn things all day and never run out of new stuff to dicover!


Karen, thank you so much!