Monday, February 4, 2008

Five Ways That I Raise My Vibrations

I have been putting together a list of feelgood blogs and websites today (what a lovely job for a Monday!) I might not get a chance to post it today, but just wanted to share a meme I found on the lovely Theory of Thought:

Five Ways That I Raise My Vibrations

Spending Time With Friends and Family: I love big family get togethers, chaotic meals with friends, or quiet moments curled up with my daughters. And a cuddle with Mrs. Tizzywinkle always does me the power of good. A purring cat works wonders on frazzled spirits!

Revelling in Nature: I find nature uplifting and love sharing it on long walks with friends (usually while putting the world to rights, which feels good too!) I always notice nature's gorgeousness, like the red trees that stopped me in my tracks last week. But the small things make me smile too, a butterfly (or a tiny bug), the way the sun spills through a cloud or highlights a spider's web, daisies littering the lawn. And I love standing by mountains or the sea and feeling very small. Or watching a storm. On a clear night I'm a positive danger, as I walk while gazing up at the stars in total amazement.

Thinking Positively: I make wishes all the time! And believe they will come true ... if they're meant to. Every time I blow out a candle, see the first star, find a penny, catch a falling leaf ... My glass is always overflowing, even if it's not always with the thing I expected. I love the challenge of turning a negative into a positive.

Expressing My Creativity: Creating something beautiful, especially a gift (something that will be loved by someone, will make someone feel good), is always a total delight for me. I have lots of outlets for creativity - including gardening, cooking, clay, textiles, writing ...

Not Forgetting the Practical Stuff: Food. Growing, cooking and eating it. Sharing it, especially. Sleep. I need a lot of sleep and suffer if I don't get enough for too many days in a row. And some 'me' time every day, perhaps a walk, or an aromatherapy bath, or finding ten minutes to just chill out with a favourite magazine.
Haha! I wish. Still haven't got round to reading Saturday's Guardian ...

This meme was posted by The Thinker in October last year, so with apologies to anyone who has already done it, I tag Lane, aliqot, Helen, Gonna Be and Leigh.
Have fun! :o)


HelenMH said...

Thanks for tagging me, this one looks like fun!

Leigh said...

I love what you've written here, Moondreamer. The turning of things negative into things positive is a particularly good reminder to make the best of life. I shall try and carry this with me (at least until I forget). I'm with you on the nature and family time too, but I'll try to be original if I can.

Thanks for the tag!

Lane said...

Nice vibrations! All your choices are very nurturing and warm. Lovely!
Thanks for the tag. I look forward to giving it a go:-)

Moondreamer said...

You're welcome, Helen!



Thank you Leigh!

I usually look on the bright side of life, but we all need reminding sometimes. That's why I'm putting together a whole list of blogs and websites that make me feel good!

Can't wait to share them with you all!


'Nice vibrations!' I love that, Lane, thank you!

You say such lovely things, one reason I am so full of warm fuzzies at the moment!


Have fun, girls! I look forward to reading your answers! x

aliqot said...

You'll have to wait for the weekend for my answers. How am I to survive the cold turkey of no internet for four days? lol.

But I'll be thinking about it.


I'd love a cuddle with Mrs Tizzywinkle, and I don't even like cats :o)

Casdok said...

Im with you on those!

Lane said...

There's an award for you at mine:-)

Annieye said...

I know what you mean about gazing at the stars and watching the sea. And there's nothing like stroking a dog or a cat to de-stress.

Gonna be a writer said...

Great meme Thanks for tagging me. I'm going to do my answers right now.
Excellent answers btw

Moondreamer said...

Have a fab time, aliqot!

Hope the Yorkshire weather is kind to you!


Karen, what a lovely thing to say ... am sure Tizzy will agree!

She is truly irresistible. (She'd agree with that too!)


Casdok, thank you!

It was very hard to choose only five! (Hence the inclusion of Mrs T. in family and friends, when she should have had a whole one to herself!)


Lane, thank you so much!

I feel very honoured to receive an award from someone whose blog I think is so fab!


Annieye, you're right. It's said that stroking cats and dogs even lowers blood pressure!


Gonna be, you're welcome!

I'm really looking forward to your answers.

And thank you, I'm glad you liked them!


aliqot said...

I've actually done this at last.

Suddenly wanted to make the list longer.